<Dreispitz University Quarter Münchenstein, Basel, 2021–2022, Competition 1st prize


In the next stage of the site's transformation, the University of Basel's Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics are to be located here.

Together with the existing FHNW School of Art and Design and the FHNW School of Business, which is currently being planned, they will define a university cluster on the Dreispitz. The study perimeter includes the area of the current Ruchfeld multi-storey parking lot and the adjacent idea perimeter in the area of Genua-Strasse in the Ruchfeld district.

Perimeter of ideas

The urban planning disposition in the idea perimeter allows for a wide variety of transformation scenarios. Four autonomous fields are planned, which are based on the existing ownership structure and the characteristic existing buildings.

University and SCCB circus school

At the interface, the fields are densified with high-rise buildings. In order to limit and reduce shading, the study is limited to one high-rise building and otherwise remains below the eaves height of 30 metres. The university will be given a new, striking silhouette on Frankfurtstrasse with an ensemble of solitary buildings. From the Schaulager to the Kunsthaus Baselland, the new buildings create a new urban space and are accompanied by a sequence of differently characterised outdoor spaces. The former railway tracks develop an urban and landscape quality. The result is a tree-like figure that is bundled in the south and branches out to the north.

A second footbridge to the Meriangärten is planned to improve the connection with the surrounding area.

The connection to the south to the schools will be upgraded. For internal networking, the structure of the railway tracks will be taken up and continued. These form the basic structure of the open space as overgrown track axes with pioneer plants such as pines and birches. The old signal box will continue to be used as a café or children's day care centre.


Opposite the Kunsthaus Baselland in the north, together with the existing

TransBona-Halle (formerly BonaTrans-Logistik) and a new commercial building, a small-scale plein air atrium is being created.The university will have a prestigious building along Frankfurtstrasse with a loggia overlooking Universitätsplatz. At the centre of the faculty building is the library in the Piano Nobile with the two-storey reading room. Opposite is a house with an opposite with an open-plan ground floor and flats and studios for students on the upper floors. The square spanned by a canopy serves as a meeting place for outdoor events.

The SCCB forms the centre with a conglomerate of halls that mediate between the different directions of the existing building. With their light, translucent façades

façades, they are reminiscent of festive buildings. The neighbouring residential tower and the student hall of residence complete the series of solitary buildings along Frankfurtstrasse.

Date: 2021-2022
Location: Dreispitz, Basel
Client: Cristoph Merian Stiftung / Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG
Program: Masterplan, New regenerated mixed use district 
Floor area: 46.653 m²
Landscape design: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich
Civil engineer: Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieur AG
Traffic planner: IBV Hüsler AG
Climat engineer: Geo Partner AG

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