<Ahornpark, Zug, 2022, Competition 1st prize


Ahornpark Zug, located in the Guthirt district, is an inner-city area slated for further development and densification over a medium to long-term period. It is adjacent to the high-density "tech cluster" of Urban Assets Zug AG. According to the cantonal development plan, the area is designated for densification with an increased utilization factor of 3.5. High-rise Zone I is defined along Industriestrasse, and High-rise Zone III along Baarerstrasse, permitting building heights of up to 50 m and 60 m (80 m), respectively.

As part of a master plan for "Industriestrasse Nord," the city of Zug reviewed the overarching specifications from the cantonal structure plan and the high-rise building regulations. In addition to Ahornpark, this master plan included an area north of Zugorama, outlining potential building volumes and possible high-rise locations. In April 2021, the city council decided to consider the southern area as a separate site under the name "Geviert Ahornpark" and to commission the landowners to further develop it. A joint strategy is to be found.

To the west of Baarerstrasse, the area features high-quality residential and commercial buildings, while to the east, in the Zug technology cluster, there are both large-scale buildings and individual residential units. An open network of orthogonal open spaces, crossed by an underground stream, is to become a large green space between Baarerstrasse and Industriestrasse, defining the new relationship between Ahornpark and its surroundings.

The transformation of Ahornpark is based on the existing buildings and landscape, particularly the stream, which is integrated into the new central park. This approach enables a gradual development of the area, preventing an isolated redesign. Utilizing the existing buildings offers ecological and urban development potential, promoting an awareness of the present and the unique identity of the site.

The extension and continuation of the solitary buildings create a collage of new and old structures, forming a unique composition of buildings and open spaces. Preserving and extending the main existing buildings, along with introducing an urban mix of commercial and public uses, creates attractive, diverse living and working spaces. Continuity of landscape is maintained, considering both the natural and built environment to anchor the experience of each building in its context.

The open and green spaces, accessible to all, provide areas for play, recreation, and slow traffic. The daylighting of the stream and the unsealed surfaces give Ahornpark a natural appearance. With the land reserves, an overall density of AZ 2.74 and a residential share of 86 percent are achieved.

Date: 2022
Location: Zug, Switzerland
Client: Stadt Zug Immobilien
Program: New mixed use district, Extension of existing buildings
Floor area: 23.051 m2 
Landscape design: Bryum GmbH
Civil engineer: Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieur AG
Energy concept: Lemon Consult AG

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