<Renovation and extension Aeschenhaus, Basel, 2017–2020


Since the 2020 renovation, a new terrace has been rising above Aeschenplatz, one of Basel's most important business addresses. Like the filigree roof , it belongs to the new attic of the Aeschenhaus designed by Bräuning and Dürig in 1966. An inner courtyard created in the process of the extension cuts through the upper floors. With respect to the historic appearance of the façade, great attention was paid to the proportions and finishes of the aluminum and marble used in the renovation through box windows and insulation. The new canopy, which spans freely over the walkway to the edge of the sidewalk, provides shelter not only for visitors and passersby. Combined with benches, it also welcomes the departing and arriving passengers of major bus lines.

The original plans as well as photographs show a façade with Cristallina marble-clad concrete columns that were terminated by a horizontal band above the sixth full floor. The fields inbetween the columns consisted of a three- to four-axis band of aluminum windows with blinds and dark gray enameled glass in front of prefabricated massive parapets. The renovation with windows of double glazed units follows the proportions, materiality and details of the original façade, integrating solar and acoustic protection as well as answering questions of the building`s climate control innovatively. The double skin façade consists of an aluminum framed window band and slightly recessed behind sprayed frameless balustrade glazing on the exterior, in addition to openable metal windows above a solid balustrade lowered to 72cm on the interior. The new louvre blinds are located above the windows at the level of the concrete ceilings and are covered by the exterior glazing. On the upper floors, the reinforced concrete structure of the building includes filigree ribbed ceilings resting on beams and columns along the facades and core walls, spanning an open space or single and double cells. The offices, reception rooms, library and the terrace of a law firm.

The atrium on the upper floors houses a work by artist Guido Nussbaum. Images of IBM ball heads completed into spheres in several mirrors are mounted at different heights in the room with globe images to form an installation with which the artist also responds to the unusual, angular wall arrangement and impressive height of the room. The atrium freed up space that was compensated for in the new attic storey. With the extension, the Aeschenhaus reaches the height of the bank and commercial building next door at Aeschenplatz 3, which was designed by Hermann Baur in 1955 and built by Suter + Suter. The new marble-clad canopy on the first floor also refers to the arcade of this elegant neighboring building. Cantilevering far out over the walkway, it protects those waiting at the bus stop on Aeschenplatz from sun and rain when getting on and off the bus. The first floor, second floor and the lowest underground floor are dedicated to Migrosbank. The bank's prestigious main entrance and customer area opens onto Aeschengraben and Aeschenplatz.

Date: 2017-2020
Client: Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung RES Commercial, Zürich / Kellerhals Carrard Anwälte, Basel
User: Kellerhals Carrard, Basel, Migrosbank, Basel
Location: Aeschenvorstadt 72, Henric Petri - Strasse 35, Basel
Floor area GF (SIA 416): Above ground: 3'994 m2, underground 2'468 m2, total 6'462 m2 
Building dimensions: Length: 41.50 m, Depth: 37.50 m, Height: 33.50 m
Program: offices, customer area, terrace, underground car park
General planner: Steiner AG, Basel
Facade planners: Emmer Pfenninger Partner, Münchenstein
Facade constructors: Aepli Metallbau, Gossau
Supporting structure: Schnetzer Puskas, Basel
HVAC and planning coordination HVACSE: Stokar + Partner, Basel
Sanitary: Gruneko, Basel
Electrical: Schäfer Partner, Lenzburg
Fire protection: Berger Consulting, Basel
Lighting: Reflexion, Zurich

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